Phoenix Park Developments

Design & Build

The Complete Service

We have the professional knowledge and expertise to reduce the technical, contractual and financial risks of the building process.

The Preliminaries

We can advise on the availability of building land, its suitability of your choice of property, as well as local land and property prices

We can assist you in taking your initial concept for your new home, whether it is just a general idea or an initially drafted design, through to a full set of architectural drawings and specifications. These include artistic impressions of the property.

Initial Planning

Once the property has been fully specified in architectural terms, we can arrange for all of the requisite consents and approvals to be obtained. We also plan and schedule all of the main stages of the development, including the specification of the type and quantity of both the materials and the skills required at each stage.

The sourcing of all of the materials and subcontracted services are put out to tender with our approved suppliers, and we will select the most suitable according to their tendered prices and their availability without detriment to the end result.

Managing the Development

The building of a luxury property requires quality materials and expert contractors. Our role is to ensure they are available when needed and delivered in accordance with the program.

We have worked with many local Authorities and warranty providers. We work seamlessly with both to ensure your new home is delivered with full approval.


Quite often a client’s view of their requirements can change at different stages the development, so we stay in close touch with you to ensure that your requirements can be accommodated with minimum delay to the development and at minimum cost.

Your Dream Home

If you are considering a new ‘Design and Build’ project please contact our specialist team to see how we can help you make your dream a reality.